RimWorld Comics has run its course. I’ve been struggling to come up with new ideas (though many of you have sent suggestions, for which I’m grateful) and I kinda want to move forward in my career as a cartoonist anyhow. That said, I sincerely hope you’ll consider sticking around and seeing what I’m working on next. As of this writing, I’m writing and illustrating a graphic novel, doing a series of Byzantine-Styled pop art, and a couple other comic projects aside. Patreon is the most direct source for the most up-to-date stuff I’m doing (not to mention that continued support will help me set more time aside for comics), but most of it makes its way to my instagram (@khailballard) eventually as well. A fair amount will also be on my professional website (in the sidebar).

You have all been great, whether you stick around or not. I’ve really loved making these comics for you and I hope I get the chance to make you laugh again.