About Khail Ballard

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RimWorld comics are derived from the popular PC colony-building and storytelling game, RimWorld, made by Ludeon Studios. Khail doesn’t work for them, nor represent them, despite making puppy-dog eyes and asking REALLY nicely. Some of the earlier comics were made when the game was still in alpha, and poke fun at mechanics or bugs which are no longer present. Think of them as old legacy comics or something!

Khail Ballard is a young man of poor vigor who makes comics sometimes. He hopes you will laugh at them because they are funny, not because they are pitiful. His hobbies include drawing, drawing some more, making time for drawing, occasionally rock climbing, and video games. He is presently an art student and also does some work on the side as a graphic designer. He would love to take your commissions if you contact him here or at his main art site, www.khailballard.com.